Projects from rank 2 at 19 - 42 Network

Dec 17, 2023
School 19
Low-Level dev
Rank 2 of the common-core of 19 consists of three projects, all in C and developing deeper concepts like sorting algorithms, graphical usage of a custom library and low-level programming.

Projects from rank 2 at 19 - 42 Network

These rank 2 projects, all developed in the C language, offer students the opportunity to delve deeper into concepts such as sorting algorithms, graphical usage of a custom library, and low-level programming.

Project 1: push_swap

This project prompted me to create a sorting program to sort integers, using only a restricted set of moves. Instead of adopting the more commonly used radix sort, I implemented a special sorting algorithm, which earned me a perfect score of 100.

Project 2: pipex

The second project, known as 'Pipex', delves into the realm of low-level programming. The goal here is to mimic the Unix pipe operator, with input and output being files passed to two commands. This project offers students a valuable opportunity to explore low-level programming.

Project 3: so_Long

'So_Long' is the third and final project of rank 2, which focuses solely on the creation of a small 2D game. This project utilizes 'minilibx', a library developed by 42 Paris, to simplify the interaction with the X graphical environment. I went with a pokemon theme thanks to the assets of @nesdebie and implemented a small part of the bonuses.

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